The new way to run revenue

Close more deals and free up valuable rep time.

Track all signals, engagements, triggers and intent from your entire TAM in a single platform.

Run AI-native marketing and sales automations for faster, more scalable, and more relevant initial outreach.

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Fit ━ Score all companies for relevance using business model, size, geo, industry, key roles, technologies used and more.
Timing ━ Surface the accounts where now's the right time to strike.
Intent ━ Capture the accounts and people that are already looking to buy, but may not have signed up (yet).

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Unify your GTM

Get the full picture in one place

We've taken the best features and playbooks and put them in a single place so reps and marketers have a single view into all known and unknown accounts.

No more weekly standard searches and csv juggling.

No more Frankenforces and HubSpot abominations.

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Surface best-possible opportunities

The right accounts at the right time for the right reason

Identify accounts when they need your solution most, even before they start showing intent. Or capture the ones that visit your website, but don't reach out to you.

With unprecendented context marketers and sales reps can approach accounts at just the time when they are ready to discuss solutions.

Or use your AI-generated contextual outreach to free rep time for true relationship building, meetings etc.

Good fit

B2B Software

+5 in RevOps

Has customer success


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The right time

Launched new product

Started using 6sense


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Hiring revops

25% 3M growth in BDRs

Champion in new account


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Intent to buy

Viewed competitor on G2

Heavy research

Viewed pricing page


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Put growth on auto pilot

Launch a growth engine that really works

Signal-based GTM is all about responding to triggers such key hires/promotions, website visits or demo requests. Our AI responds quickly and with relevant content tailored from all our account context.

So say goodbye to doing the same follow ups and scrambling to respond fast and let the Unhaze autopilot do the easy work first.

Automation: Pricing page & competitor view


Viewed competitor on G2

Viewed pricing page

Pull additional context

Hi Jacob,

Viewed pricing page

Wanted to reach out about your account based marketing and sales.

BDR growth -25% last 3 months

I noticed you've decreased BDRs. Are you looking to increase sales effeciency with fewer resources?

Case study similar to prospect

Acme Inc. increased # of closed deals by 25% within 6 months of using Unhaze. I have a case study I can send over if you're interested?


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